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Fishing cards

What is a fishing card useful for ?

With a fishing card, you are naturally allow to fish in open waters but also its owner must be a citizen fisherman, and must prone activist respect of aquatic environments and the promotion of fisheries. Fulfill statutory contributions used to finance local fish communities.

Moreover, your fishing card includes a Fisheries and Aquatic Environment tax call CPMA in french which a part of these tax is collect by the water agencies. So, you participate in the protection of aquatic environments. It also allows the operation of the National Federation for Fisheries and Aquatic Environment Protection (FNPF) who shoulder the departmental federations in carrying their missions.

Where to buy the fishing license ?

You can buy your card directly on www.cartedepeche.fr or at a card depositary or at the house of our federation.

Where can I fish with my fishing card ?

If you choose a reciprocal associations (AAPPMA), you can fish in all the rivers and lakes of reciprocal associations of our department. Moreover, with your interfederal card, you can fish on all rivers of reciprocal associations of the 91 departments of the CHI / EHGO / URNE in compliance with the rules of the fishing police.

Warning :

Your fishing card is strictly personal, photography is mandatory or an ID may be required. In case of loss and/or theft of your card, you can re-print it on cartedepeche.fr